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  • Sunday sermon March 29, 2020

    In today's sermon, Pastor George talks about God as the source of our strength and how knowing that He is King should create in us a necessary heart of worship.  As always you can tune into our live broadcast here on our site, on our mobile app, or on our Facebook page during our live events. We will post our next live event soon. See you there!

  • Sunday sermon March 22, 2020

    Today, Pastor George taught out of Isaiah 38, Job 40, and 1 John 4, about how God is in control and what our response to difficult circumstances should be as Christians.  You can see the recording by clicking the title above.  

  • Sunday sermon March 8, 2020

    Pastor George Claudio shares an encouraging message from Daniel 10. Prophecy and the assurance we receive from God are discussed as we look at how the Lord demonstrates His faithfulness in all situations.


    Sunday sermon March 1, 2020

    This week, Pastor George Claudio shares a message about prophecy in scripture from Psalms 22. Detailing prophecy confirmed through Christ and the impact it has on our present. Join us for encouraging words from scripture every week!